Hand and Shoulder Specialist – New in Sweetwater County

March 30, 2016

The hand is an amazing, complex part of the human body, essential for all of our daily work and self-care activities. Whether using a hairbrush, a computer or a screwdriver, our hands are important tools in our everyday lives. When the hand and upper extremity are not able to function properly because of an injury or illness, specialized treatment is essential.

Online Injury and Recovery Resources with Local Roots - Summit Physical & Sports Therapy Online

June 27, 2015

Today, most of us turn to the Internet to satisfy our immediate need for answers to whatever question we have, but when it comes to our health and our bodies, it's important to also know the source we use. Summit Physical & Sports Therapy's website ( makes thousands of articles and videos, covering covering injuries, illnesses, sports and work activities, injury care and pain management available through their easy to navigate website. Rocket Miner Article