Welcome to Summit Physical and Sports Therapy Now named Fremont Therapy Group! 

Physical Therapy Clinic in Green River, Wyoming

Fremont Therapy Group provides personalized, evidence-based treatment and healing care, and our licensed therapy professionals work directly with patients to ease their pain and discomfort and restore their functionality. We offer a wide variety of services and rehabilitation options  to maximize the health, mobility, strength and function of our patients.

Why choose Fremont Therapy Group?

Our Staff:
Patients enjoy working directly with licensed clinical professionals at every visit.  Patients can expect to work with the same highly skilled professionals throughout their care with us.

Our Service:
Fremont Therapy Group uses specially designed exercises and treatments to help patients regain or improve their physical functions and abilities. We practice quality care and see high patient satisfaction and excellent results due to:

  • Thorough initial evaluations and assessments.
  • Individualized patient programs.
  • Services provided by licensed physical therapists emphasizing hands-on therapy.
  • Emphasis on functional rehabilitation and outcomes.
  • Home program development.
  • A professional, clean environment.
  • Therapist commitment to ongoing professional education